Sometimes When I’m Feeling Insane

I’ll go to the gravity pope website and see what I won’t be buying that day.I’ve probably been to the site a hundred times or more, and in all that scanning I’ve bought exactly one thing - a pair of Cheap Monday jeans that were reduced by around 95%. 

The site seems designed to punish the casual browser, as evidenced by its sale page: five shoes across and unorganizable by any metric, be it price, size, colour, or even brand. Basically if you want to shop for sale shoes at gravity pope you need to scroll through the entire page, goddammit. Stop being so lazy! Scroll!

One good reason to aimlessly meander is that you’ll occasionally stumble across footwear like this boot from Camper that, if you’re anything like me, will force you to stop and contemplate the universe and your place in it. Because, in moments of weakness, I can’t understand how me and this boot can co-exist.